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Get Excited and Move began in Savannah, Georgia with a mission to encourage natural and appropriate movement throughout daily life. Our goal is to help people with movement disorders move every day using our exercise program.

GEM is here to help keep you happy and healthy. No one should have to choose between paying for a personal trainer, gym membership, or basic needs such as food and medicine. Through community support, this mission is being accomplished.

We offer numerous events, activities and opportunities. Whether you have a movement disorder, know someone who has a movement disorder or want to help someone with a movement disorder, we have things for you. Check out our events calendar to find out more.





  • “I move for PD by actively participating in the GEM program to improve my strength, agility and overall well being. It is imperative that I move to prevent my disease from overtaking my life and preventing me from being the very best person possible.”
    Gary PauleyGEM Member
  • “When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I initially put my head in the sand hoping the revelation would go away. Me having PD? No way! I was too young, healthy and soon went into denial. I thought only weak people got that disease and suffered the stigma of being a “sick” person. About a year ago I went to a Savannah Parkinson Support Group Meeting. I learned I was not alone. Soon after that we began the Get Everyone Moving (GEM) program developed by Michael Cohn and Sarah Berznott. The course was a game changer. As I banged on the boxing bags I felt exhilaration, power, and a sense of euphoria. I now had a chance to fight back at my disease and win. The facilitators and Michael encouraged me to push myself to my limits and beyond. The challenge made things fun. I now feel in control, not the other way around. I enjoy the time I spend with Michael, my fellow participants, and volunteer trainers. As a team and with help from my friends, I will continue to fight the good fight.”
    Anthony CookGEM Member
  • “Bringing the GEM program to Savannah Commons Retirement community is not only a way for our staff to be interactive along with our residents, it’s also a way for our staff to actually enhance in a positive, real way, the betterment of the residents lives. That is what makes all the difference in a community like ours. Having access to such a wonderful program that can touch the lives of the residents at Savannah Commons Retirement Community is one of the reasons our community is different than others. Integrating the GEM program into our weekly fitness offerings, not only provides an activity, but it allows us to really make a difference in a residents confidence, physical abilities, and spirit! Once we saw what the GEM program was capable of doing, we had to make it part of the Savannah Commons Community.”
    Joyce Crowder-McBrideExecutive Director of Savannah Commons – GEM Partner